Cupcakes! HD – Make, Bake, Decorate and Eat Cupcakes

Cupcakes… A smile in a paper wrapper.

You can now mix, bake, decorate, eat and share the Best, most delicious Cupcakes ever!

You get high quality, mouth watering graphics with authentic step by step realistic baking from scratch.

There’s plenty to tempt your tastebuds and “Cupcakes” offers a perfect opportunity for artistic expression in a delicious way.

You have a huge flavor selection – Mix and match your scrumptious cake with luscious frosting flavors to create your dream cupcake.

There’s a wide variety of icing flavors and large selection of sprinkles and candy toppings to add the finishing touches to your sweet, delectable treat.

Everyone likes a sweet ending, eat your cupcake bite by bite. It looks so real!

Your freshly baked cupcakes are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

* 20 Fun and Whimsical Cupcake Liners
* 25 Frostings
* 17 cake recipes
* 48 Sprinkles and Candy Toppings
* 20 Icing Flavors and Styles

Who knew you could have so much cupcake fun! Share them with your Friends!

“Cupcakes” making life sweet, one cupcake at a time

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