Cupcakes Find

Cute cupcakes: some look similar, and some different. You’re presented with cupcakes arriving on a conveyor belt, and you must find matching cupcakes as quickly as you can. It seems simple, but you’ll be surprised!

Make them jump higher and higher! Get streak bonuses! Watch out ‘cause sometimes they shift and sometimes they move, or even go missing! Great for all ages, enjoy the fun!

•••••SUPER FUN•••••
✔ Hear the cupcakes POP!
✔ Over 80 levels
✔ Hours and hours of game play

•••••TONS of LEVELS•••••
☂ Wander, Scramble, Final Destiny
☂ Nightfall, Tiny, Ultimate
☂ Easy, Medium, Difficult

★ Super Addictive
★ Easy to learn, Difficult to master
★ Never the same game twice

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