Cupcake Yum!

Cupcake Yum is a delicious Cupcake game where you can bake, decorate, and devour your very own creation of real Cupcakes!

Select a Cupcake, and begin!

Drag the ingredients to the bowl, mix, and drop them into the cupcake liners!

Bake them up, and get ready to decorate them with the best toppings you’ve ever tasted!


A Dozen varieties of Frosting to choose from with colorful, delectable selections!

Over 30 various toppings including candy, gummy worms, gummy bears, chocolate animals, circus peanuts, and more!

Eat your creation, then start over! The possibilities are endless, and your mouth will water!

Get this game now, and enjoy creating delicious, mouth watering cupcakes right at your fingertips!

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