Cupcake Jewels!

*•.¸*•.¸Cupcakes Jewels! ¸.•*¸.•*is an addictive little match-3 styled game. Collect cute cupcakes and beat the clock!

You will have 60 seconds in each round to get as many points as you can by clicking on combination of cupcakes of the same type that is more than three in number (diagonal tiles are not counted)!

For each collected cupcakes you will get 10 points….but there’s more!

For each extra cupcake in the chain you will increase the scores by a factor. So make your cupcake chains as long as possible!! (The below criteria are for level 1-3!)

❤ Level 1: 20000 points required.
❤ Level 2: 15000 points required.
❤ Level 3: 10000 points required.

You will win SCRAMBLE TICKETS when you collected cupcake chains of greater than these numbers below:

❤ Level1: 7 tiles together
❤ Level2: 5 tiles together
❤ Level3: 4 tiles together

You can use these tickets to scramble the board when you don’t have any more moves. But be very careful! They can also ruin your board….

What to do when you have no more moves? Don’t worry! Donut is here to help! If you don’t touch the screen for more than a few seconds in Level 2 and Level 3, magic will happen!

The game is GameCenter enabled! Please sign up and sign in to Apple’s GameCenter before you play and compare your high combined scores with fans of “Cupcake Jewels” around the world!

Email me if you have any question or comment. ENJOY THE GAME.

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