Cupcake Crazy Chef – Bake & Decorate Your Own Christmas Muffin

★★★ Make & Bake Delicious Cupcakes with Special Xmas Decorations ★★★
★★★ Create Cool & Wacky Cupcake Characters Out of Candy & Gobble Them Up! ★★★
★★★ Get Creative and Make Silly Faces with Tons of Toppings to Design the Best Cupcakes Ever! ★★★

Kids, get your baker gear going, it’s time to make some cupcakes! Choose from 20 yummy cupcake flavors including: chocolate, raspberry, peanut butter and more! Mix up the batter and when it’s ready, you will pour the mixture into cupcake holders. Then it’s time to bake your cupcakes! Watch the thermometer as it rises and make sure that you don’t let the cupcakes bake for too long.

Pick from different awesome and wacky cupcake designs that will turn your cupcake into a funny, candy & fruit faced character. Choose the skateboard dude with peppermint cane legs who is riding on an orange slice skateboard.
Or maybe you like the more serious cupcake guy with pretzels for eyeglasses who is holding a chocolate cell phone. How about the puppy dog cupcake, with chocolate triangles for ears and a cookie bone in his mouth and a peppermint cane for a tail. So many yummy and fun designs to choose!

Set the table. Choose from cool tablecloths, polka dot napkins and colorful straws and don’t forget to pick a beverage! Gobble up your cupcake and drink your beverage. Wow, that was AWESOME! Don’t forget to email your amazing cupcake creation to a friend or family member before you eat it all up!

What’s Inside:
✔ 20 different cupcake flavors to choose from: make as many as you want!
✔ Colorful frostings, cool backgrounds to decorate the wall as you eat, colorful and fun napkins, tablecloths in awesome patterns to set your table!
✔ 20 funny, wacky faces made out of fruit and candy give character to your cupcakes
✔ 20 colorful cupcake holders to choose
✔ 20 colorful and fun straws for your milkshake
✔ 21 slices of colorful fruit slices to decorate the beverage glass
✔ 20 lollipops, peppermint sticks and candies to decorate your cupcake
✔ Exotic and delicious types of fruit to accompany your cupcake, fun and festive types of sprinkles and syrups to drizzle on top
✔ 10 different drinks to choose: milkshakes, juices, lemonade, milk & more

✔ Touch & drag to mix up the ingredients & stir the batter with a wooden spoon
✔ Touch the oven to start the baking! But don’t let your cupcakes burn!
✔ Gobble up your cupcake and watch it disappear and drink up the beverage!
✔ Press the RESTART button and kids can eat their cupcake over and over again!
✔ Special thermometer tells kids when the cupcakes are finished baking
✔ Easily share your cupcake creation with a friend or relative

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