Cupcake Chef FREE – Holiday Edition

Q: What’s better than Christmas and Cupcakes together?
A: Decorating your own Cupcakes and sharing with Friends!

Here’s Cupcake Chef FREE!
Literally 100s of mouth watering ingredients to choose from.
349 to be precise. 212 of which are 100% FREE.
You heard it right. We give you more free ingredients than paid ones.
But enough money talk. So boring.

What’s really nice to talk about is the DELICIOUS STUFF in the app.

[ CUPS/LINERS ] Choose from a variety of beautiful Cupcake liners! Super colorful and enchanting!

[ CAKES ] Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Banana, Oatmeal, you name it. DID WE MENTION **ALL** CAKES ARE 100% FREE?

[ CANDY ] Who does not love candy? Pick your favorite, ranging from Lollipops, chocolate chunks, gummy drops, sprinkles and a lot more!

[ CHRISTMAS DECO ] It’s Christmas time! Decorate your recipe with the most vibrant and fun bells, acorns, drums, gifts and more!

[ TOYS ] A cupcake is not all frosting and syrup! Make your recipe fun with cute cute toys!

[ CANDLES ] Birthday cupcake? Cool! We love them, too! Add colorful candles to make them look even nicer!

[ FRUITS AND NUTS ] Who said you can’t make a healthy Cupcake? With a vast selection of fruits and nuts it’s going to be delicious, too!

[ PLATES, TABLECLOTHS, BACKGROUNDS ] Presentation is the name of the game! Just made the best cupcake ever? Make it shine with the best looking plates, tablecloths and backgrounds! **ALL** PLATES, TABLECLOTHS, BACKGROUNDS ARE 100% FREE.

PLEASE NOTE: Most free ingredients are always available. A few of the FREE cakes depend on internet access to be downloaded.

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