Culture Master

***We celebrate 10.000 downloads adding more content to the FreePack***

A new trivia game concept!

This is not as “funny” as others…

Have you ever thought in applying for the most famous TV culture contests? TRAIN YOURSELF !

This game will let you:
-Check your general knowledge
-Learn a bit of culture with every new question you miss
-Train yourself to be more wise
-Compete with other wise friends

This game is fullfilled with big lists of data for every pack of knowledge :

-You can play for FREE with the pack included: “Countries and Capitals” and “Classic Music”
-You can purchase a pack with THREE big challenges: NOBEL PRIZES, WORLD INVENTIONS, MOST FAMOUS POP/ROCK MUSIC
-Further packs will be available upon purchase along with updates

More than 2400 bits of culture are waiting for you…
Will you arrive to question NÂș 15?
Try now for free and enjoy !

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