Cubz – 3D Sliding Puzzle

The iPad HD version of the Cubz is now packaged with the iPhone / iPod touch version. Buy the Cubz once and install it from your iTunes account on all your devices: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. People that bought the iPhone / iPod touch version of the game can install the iPad version on their device for free.

Players are reviewing:

“I just wish that this game was released sooner as it is so much better than the average iPhone game… well worth the price tag!”
by yannis_

“this [iPhone games] really stands out. Extremely addictive, excellent eye-candy, a real brain teaser.”
by Anthonyrc

“There was the Rubikscube now we have Cubz!”
by mccasal

“Really well done puzzle game. Takes the classical sliding-game to the third dimension.”
by bummzack

About the game:

Cubz is a 3D sliding puzzle game inspired by the famous sliding 15 Puzzle game. The game consists of 8, 17 or 26 cubes disposed in a matrix called Cubz. The goal is to reorder the cubes one by one as quickly as possible and with a minimum number of moves.

Cubz is a brainchild of Rudi Farkas (1938), a retired software engineer.

– For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
– Three different sizes: 8, 17 and 26 cubes
– Three levels of difficulty per size: beginner, advanced and expert
– 7 original graphical themes
– Choice of cubes marked with numbers or letters
– Original music by Stian Stark
– Send challenges to your friends by email
– Publish your best scores on the online leaderboard
РReplay friendsí games and try to beat their scores
– Publish scores on Facebook
– Spread scores on Twitter
– Available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (more languages coming soon)

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