Ready for a different perspective on puzzle games? Cubit features 3D puzzles with a 2D twist — conquer each level by arranging cubes into the correct configuration, as seen from the front, the top, and the side!


“There is one word for games like this: fiendish. And I loves me some fiendish.” (5 out of 5)

“This game looks good from every angle.”


* Cubit contains one hundred levels of increasingly mind-bending puzzles!
* When taken with a diet high in fiber, Cubit is scientifically proven to alleviate the symptoms of boredom!
* Cubit’s five progressive difficulty levels provide a comfortable beginning for novices, and a challenge for puzzle experts!
* Absolutely no innocent baby seals were harmed in the making of Cubit!
* Post to your twitter account from inside the game, and brag about your accomplishments online!
* Not ready for a commitment? Check out Cubit Lite, for free!


Cubit was made with the help of the MGTwitterEngine, created by Matt Gemmell. Find this, and more of his excellent code at

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