If you see a map and want to go a particular location you will try to find the shortest way to reach there. In this game you have to solve the same problem.

You have to move the blocks to the matching squares. You can select the blocks and drag them in the direction you want them to go. Try the lowest possible moves to solve a level. And look your score in leaderboard to know, who are the most intelligent people solving the level of Cubilus quickly with lowest possible moves.

This game is ideal for kids and young people to exercise their memory power. This game will help you to increase your analytical ability and take quicker decision.

Checkout the game play:

→ 40 Challenging Levels
→ Beautiful Graphics
→ Background music
→ Sound Effects
→ Leaderboard
→ Achievement
→ Facebook Share
→ Twitter Share
→ Universal App
→ Retina Display support

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