Cubetrix 3D

“..With fast paced gameplay and a great overall experience, I highly recommend it.” – TouchArcade

“..With lots of levels over two modes, you’ll certainly get your fill of cube crushing action.” – App

” Cubetrix 3D has upbeat but repetitive music, clean though not flashy 3-D cube graphics, and gameplay that starts out a little confusing yet soon begins to make sense, thereafter feeling really quite smart and challenging…”-

Thank you checking out Cubetrix 3D!

Match up rows of cubes of the same color to eliminate the cubes.
The objective of the game is to destroy all the cubes. (Be careful! Cubetrix3D is not a match-3 game, Line up same colored cubes 2~6(maximum) in a row.
This game also features two different modes to test your skills. Challenge yourself and see how far you can go!

★ Features
-Convenient Interface & Spectacular 3D effects
-Smooth & simple control
-Arcade, Puzzle Mode & 3 kinds of difficulties. (easy, normal, hard)
-You can play the game and MP3 at the same time.
-Rank & title system.

★ Control
-Left 1 key : counterclockwise Roll the cube.
-Left 2 key : clockwise Roll the cube.
-Right key : Push the cube.

★ Tip
-If the brick is in the line, line cannot be pushed.
-If the line next to the brick is destroyed then the brick turns into normal cube.
-The bomb explodes after certain time, then all the cube are repositioned.
-In order to destroy cubes with numbers, they have to be lined in numeric order & in same color.
* numbered blocks can be eliminated in order—not only 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 but 2,3,4 and 3,4,5,..are also OK

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