3D shooting game of new feeling appears!
It is easy and the game nature which specialized in invigoration and stress alleviation is the point!
It can play happily at little time, such as under movement of a train and a recess!

■ The point of CubeBreak
– Operation in which it is easy and the back is deep
– Shortness of one game
– Score Ranking

■ Ruehl of CubeBreak
A ball is only discharged toward a box!
A ball will be discharged if the tap of the screen is carried out.
It will be set to Combo, if a mistake is not made in a box but it breaks continuously.
It remains every 5Combo, the number of seconds increases, and a bonus is attached also to a score.

What score can you really take out!?

Please enjoy CubeBreak in which it is easy and the back is deep!

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