Cube Puzzle 3D HD Lite

Cube Puzzle 3D HD Lite

Cube Puzzle 3D Lite is classic puzzle for all ages. Each level is as fresh as a new one every time you play the puzzle. It is a great challenge to solve the puzzle quickly.

Every time you solve it, you try to beat your previous record and set a challenge to others. There are exciting levels to tickle your neurons.

There are challenging levels based on Alphabets, numbers, animals and birds.
The complexity of the game increases as you advance to higher levels. The levels are designed meticulously to generate a high thinking to solve it.
A puzzle game that will keep you head over heels..!

• 20 nerve rattling levels
• Amazing 3D Board graphics
• Soothing background music
• The score table is designed to track your best attempt
• Local Scoring

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