Cube Bust!

★.☆.★.☆.★ Bust ‘em cubes! ★.☆.★.☆.★

Cube Bust! is an exciting game that challenges your every sense.

Link all the cubes of the same color together and bust them within 60 seconds.

Cube Bust! has 8 different color cubes and 100 exciting levels of game play. It will guarantee to keep you up all night drawing chains on the iPhone for sure.

For each busted cube you will get 100 points.

For each tile extra you will earn a extra factor. So make your chain as long as possible! But the chain will only grow in the direction you are going (must be immediately surrounding the last tapped cube), so think carefully where to start your chains!

When you’ve cleared the board, or if you got stuck, you can always click the green “GET MORE CUBE” button at the top. It will populate a new board so you can earn extra points. (Left over cubes unbusted from last round will cost you to lose some points though!)

The game is completely FREE and it is Game Center enabled so you can compare your best combined scores with others!

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