Fans of logical games, undoubtedly, will appreciate this product! It represents a variety of spatial tic-tac-toe: only in the role of both act small cubes of blue and red colors – do you remember, how it’s in “The Matrix”? Only, I am confident that the choice of color will not help you win. Around a central cube, opponents gather already familiar combinations of 3 in a row, as well as trying to make more valuable intersections of the lines of their color. In the first modification, the game ends when players have completed an analog of 3-story Rubik’s cube. In a more complex version of the game, any player can either insert a cube of his color in any of the 6 sides of the large cube, or turn one of its layers in one move. In the latter case, the points are also charged with breaking combinations of the opponent. In this modification, after picking up the entire structure of the cube, players can still rotate in turns the layers or stop the game. This brain-twister provides an opportunity to play with artificial intelligence, or by using Bluetooth.

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