Crystal Cave: Lost Treasures

Rating: 4+

Crystal Cave: Lost Treasures is a game from Rake in Grass, originally released 17th March, 2010


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Cheap Shot: Crystal Cave: Lost Treasures

Sometimes a sequel pales in comparison to the original. Gameplay-wise, Crystal Cave: Lost Treasures remains virtually untouched from Crystal Cave Classic, but that’s not a bad thing at all.

The user interface, graphics, and objects used to solve puzzles are all the same as before. Once again, the premise is to dig your way through each level and figure out a way to collect every last gem.


The big difference in Lost Treasures is that the puzzles are easier, catering to a more casual crowd. In the original, we became stuck many times in our playthrough. That happens far less often here. If the difficulty of the previous game turned you off, Lost Treasures is certainly more approachable.

If you’re still on the edge about buying Crystal Cave: Lost Treasures, try the lite version of the original. Should you decide to give the full version a go, which we think most puzzle game fans will, this is probably your best starting point. We still think the original is one of the best puzzle games on the iPhone, so you can’t really go wrong.