Cryptid Curling

NOW with 60 Fiendish Chupacabra Puzzle Challenge levels.

An avid Cryptozoologist loses all his hunting gear in an unfortunate frozen lake accident. Luckily Sasquatch and Ogopogo come to his rescue, but not without a price. He must play Sasquatch in a game of Cryptid Curling in order to get back all his hunting gear… what’s that?.. you’ve never heard of Cryptid Curling? Well, it’s best described as a relaxing colour matching bouncing puck game of angles that’s extremely hard to put down.

***** Features *****

12 levels of play to retrieve your hunting gear.
Free play mode.
3 modes of play with varying rules.
Power ups earned for combos.
No time limit on play.
2 player vs mode on the same device.
Retina and iPad resolution support.
60 Fiendish Challenge Puzzles.
Full 3D Graphics.

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