Cruzzle Me! Lite

Check out the puzzling application Cruzzle Me! Discover a new interactive way of sharing your best pictures and sending personalized messages to your friends!

> It’s easy and funny: in two seconds and three clicks, you can create jigsaw puzzles from your own pics or photo album and send them by email for your friends to enjoy!

> Want an impacting way to deliver your message? Hide it in a jigsaw puzzle! You can add personalized messages at the beginning of the game and when completing the puzzle. You can also embed messages directly on the picture and activate an URL upon completion of the puzzle to give access to your website, blog, etc.

> Too easy for you? You can also chose the level of difficulty for the game (0 to 10) by defining the number of pieces and rotations, by setting a countdown, etc.

> Let your creativity unfold! The creative potential of Cruzzle Me! is infinite! You can go even further in the personalization of the puzzle by adding icons and tailoring colors, positions and transparency of the icons and embedded messages.

> Free stuff available for download: Go directly to site content from the application and discover new icons, pictures… to enhance the features of your application.

> Your recipient does not have an iPhone, you can still send your creation as an image (.jpeg).

Cruzzle Me! adjusts to the 4 orientations of the Iphone. If you need assistance with the aplication, the embedded tutorial will help you enjoy all the possibilities of Cruzzle Me!

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