CRUX Crosswords

CRUX brings you a beautiful, fun, and intuitive way to solve crossword puzzles on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Now with iCloud puzzle sync, iOS 6, and iPhone 5 (taller display) support!

★ Excellent ★ – WIRED App Guide : “The best crossword app for the iPad”

★★★★★ – : “A Word Puzzler’s Delight”

★★★★½ – : “A highly polished crossword app with tons of features”

★★★★☆ – : “Crossword Puzzles Have Never Looked This Good”

★★★★☆ – : “A well-developed crossword puzzler that should keep addicts happy.”

CRUX presents the best crossword puzzles on the perfect platform for solving them. There are thousands of high-quality puzzles available for download from newspapers and other sources around the world. No matter if you’re new to crosswords or a seasoned wordsmith, CRUX is great for everyone, and includes:

– Fifteen exclusive puzzles by accomplished puzzle author Andrew Ries, organized by Easier, Average, and Harder difficulty

– Multiple modes help you focus on what’s important
— “Intersecting” presents a mini-puzzle made from the selected entry and all crossing entries
— “Incomplete” shows you only what’s left
— “Related” shows only the themed or otherwise related entries
– Related entries are automatically highlighted in all modes
– Swipe gestures for directly picking any across/down entry from the grid
– Enter letters as pen or pencil
– Enter multiple letters in a cell (“rebus” entry)
– Timer with pause feature
– Clear/check/reveal a cell, entry, or the entire puzzle
– View and sort downloaded puzzles by day, month, constructor, recently opened, etc.

– Support for multiple users sharing one iPad
– iPad “Home row” control layout lets you solve a puzzle fast without moving your hands
– iPad 3-speed directional pad for cell-by-cell navigation

CRUX currently supports the following US-style sources:

o The American Values Club
– Chronicle of Higher Education
o CRooked Crosswords
– Houston Chronicle
– Ink Well
– I Swear
– Jonesin’
– NY Times Classic
* NY Times Daily
* NY Times Monthly Bonus
– People Magazine
– Washington Post Daily
– Washington Post Puzzler
– Washington Post TV

And these UK-style sources:

• Globe And Mail Cryptic
• Globe And Mail Quick
• Independent Concise
• Independent Cryptic
• Manchester Evening News
• Sydney Morning Herald Cryptic (2002-2009)
• Sydney Morning Herald Quick (2002-2009)
✻ Telegraph Cryptic
✻ Telegraph General Knowledge
✻ Telegraph General Knowledge Quick
✻ Telegraph Quick
✻ Telegraph Toughie

* These puzzles are available with a NY Times Premium Crossword Membership. More information can be found here:

o These puzzles are available with a valid subscription. See and for more information.

✻ The Telegraph puzzles are available with an online subscription. 7-day free trial available at:


If anybody has questions or a suggestion on how to improve the app, then ☺ PLEASE ☺ let us know by sending email to:

We love feedback! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write us already.

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