Crunchy Planets – An addictive planet eating game!

Feel like having some tasty planets for lunch? This crazy-looking purple creature sure does! And he just can’t have enough of them! Help Snacky dodge space junk and bullets, and guide him from a galaxy-sized bite to the next.


“Once you have Crunchy Planets in your hands you can never put it down!” – Appmodo

“Crunchy Planets has all the pizzazz, excitement, and one-more-try elements of Doodle Jump” – Appsmile 5/5


★★★★★ “This game is a lot of fun to play. It really has that ‘one more try’ feel to it” – iTunes review

“This game is as addicting as Doodle Jump!” – TouchArcade forums

“I can vouch for it being a great little time waster. And you get to EAT PLANETS! It doesn’t get much better than that, folks! ☺” – TouchArcade forums


● The bigger the planets you eat the more points you get!
● Eat planets quickly to get combo multiplier (x2, x3…)
● Keep an eye out for the shiny blue orbs, eat three of them for a surprise!
● Avoid dangers like space junk, black holes and bullets
● Use power-ups like shield, ghost and magnet to protect yourself and get more points
● Local and global high scores
● Share your high scores on Facebook and Twitter


We have LOTS of great features planned for future updates! Rate Crunchy Planets 5 stars to help us keep them coming.

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