Cruise Traffic HD

Ever wonders how a fun puzzle game should be, why not try Cruise Traffic. We know how much you people like to play unblocking way kind of puzzle games.

So, here is an exclusive puzzle game to challenge you’re wit. Cruise Traffic is a game you would like to play as change in trend and truly speaking end up loving it. The game implies a bunch of logs on the dock along with players boat, you’re challenge is to make way and bring out you’re boat out of dock.

Ohh yes, one more thing it’s not a thousand dollar boat, its million-dollar boat so, don’t give a scratch.


*2 difficult modes Beginner and Advance
*1000 levels to clear and make you stick with game for long time
*Great animations and graphics to envision
*Immense music to please you’re mind
*Miles of fun and excitement.

In app Purchases:

*Unlock all 500 Beginner Puzzle levels
*Unlock all Advance Puzzle Levels
*Unlock 400 Beginner Puzzle levels from 101th level
*Unlock 200 Beginner Puzzle levels from 301th level
*Unlock 400 Advance Puzzle levels from 101th level
*Unlock 200 Advance Puzzle levels from 301th level
*The app contains ads, purchase to Remove Ads

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