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*********** It’s time to Play Crosswords **********

**Also available in Portuguese**

“Palavras Cruzadas em Português”

#1 Words Category (Portugal and Angola)
#1 Dice Category (Portugal and Angola)
#1 Free Entertainment Category (Brazil)

*** Customer Reviews ***

— afonsoreis —
‘I’m addicted to this game’

— Chadonyewu —
‘One of my favourite apps!’

— Pedro Vitorino —
‘This game is great … I strongly recommend this application ‘

— Tiago Madeira —
‘This is the first time I comment an app! Congratulations on your application!’

— kD.cL —
‘Well presented and fun! Entertainment guaranteed … ‘

— Diou_chapeco–
‘The game is very good! Its graphics and its variety of games are pretty amazing!’

— Home_Pnone_Et —
‘Probably the best crossword puzzle for the iPhone. Especially playing against the AI:) ‘

— Vertibird —
‘Excellent. The iPhone lacked a decent crossword puzzle!

— Gustavompcosta —
‘Thank CBR522! This game is awesome!’

— InesCF —
‘The game is remarkably well designed.’

— Drika_bf —
‘Good entertainment.’

‘The first modern crusades were prepared by Arthur Wynne and published in the New York World in 1913. However a crude form of the game existed in ancient Egypt. During the Second World War, the British armed forces recruited experts in crosswords to decipher codes. ‘

Now the classic crossword game has undergone a revolution and can be played in many unique and original ways. In addition to solo playable modes it also allows to play crosswords against the AI.

Think you can overcome the AI?

The puzzles are of medium difficulty and were created using mostly common words. The words were manually selected so the puzzles are accessible to all on average English language training. Now you can practice and improve your English vocabulary.

** NEW **

» The new game mode ‘Hangman’ also allows you to play the classic game “Hangman” and ‘Crosswords’ simultaneously.

» New soccer game mode, ‘penalty’.

***** Key features *****

• 98 crossword puzzles to solve (more being created)
• Play crossword puzzles in 6 exclusive and original game modes where you are going to try to overcome your highest score or defeat an opponent playing crosswords
• Play the classic ‘Hangman’ simultaneously with a crosswords puzzle.
• Play some game modes against an AI, including ‘Duel’ and ‘Versus’
• Nice graphics
• Good sound effects
• Needless to move or enlarge the puzzle
• Ability to play some game modes in sequential or random
• Solve puzzles in a classic way
• Possibility to save the state of the puzzle
• Over 60 hours of gameplay

***** You’ll never look crosswords the same way! *****

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