The skies over Naradomad National Park are swarming with balloons as mad scientist Dr. Zeppelin’s attempt to amuse kids with multi colored balloons for the ‘Spring Balloon Festival’ fails. The machine malfunctions and generates numerous balloons into the sky, which maybe dangerous for the migrating birds. As the forest ranger, you have to keep the number of balloons under check by shooting excess balloons with your crossbow. Aim and shoot with the help of other rangers as they send down power ups.

—>15 levels of fast paced action and fun.
—>Interesting power ups with real feel sound effects.
—>Real time crossbow simulation – the crossbow has to be hand drawn to release an arrow each time.
—>Experience target shooting just as this weapon of medieval origin is used in modern times.
—>Game Center and active internet connection are required to use Leaderboard and Trophies.
—>Game compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad. Requires iOS 5 or later. Runs on the iPad at iPhone resolution, and at 2X iPhone3GS resolution.

Load Crossbow -> Aim -> Fire -> Enjoy :).

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