Cross Breeder

Cross-breed over 70 eye-popping hybrids by combining up to four species! Make never before seen species like the Siberian Giraffe, the Sheepino, and the Rabquin! Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!

Real-World Animals:

Over 180 animals are available with animations from over 13 different habitat environments from around the world. Animals attract different types of Guests to the zoo, which are used to generate money for your zoo. Feeding animals earns XP needed level up your zoo and unlock cool things.

Real-World Habitats:

13 real-world Habitats are highly visualized to match specific environments from around the world. Once a habitat is built, animals and cross-breeds can be placed within the habitat and unique decorations can be placed to make the habitat feel even more exciting and customized.

Complete Zookeeper Goals:

13 Zookeepers represent the different habitat regions from all over the world! Each Zookeepers art is uniquely created to match their habitat and personality, and when their habitat is created they’ll actually be walking around your zoo. Zookeepers provide goals for you to complete that provide great rewards!

Manage your Zoo Guests:

Attract men, women and kid guests to your zoo by collecting cross-breeds and animals! Different animals will attract different types of guests, whom each have their own shopping and food preferences. Each guest type generates money for your zoo at different rates, and you’ll need to use a little strategy to maximize your zoo income. Do you want an animal that gets you more kids? Or perhaps an animal that woman like? It’s your zoo, and how you manage your guests will lead to your ultimate success!

Build Food & Shops:

Food & shops are the primary source of revenue at the zoo and meet the needs of different guest types. Some food buildings such as the hotdog kart make kids very happy, but women prefer the fruit kart, while men love to eat at the kebab stand! These buildings and using guest points wisely is a very fun & core strategy of making money and ultimately a successful zoo! With over 26 different building options, the zoo is truly yours to customize!

Decorations & Attractions:

Beautiful and stylized attractions that represent different locations from around the world can be placed within the zoo for an epic feel. Decorations ranging from flowers, trees, rocks and fountains to regional items such as an igloo or farmhouse. 4 different road styles including a wooden zen feel to the sandy beach path provide a quick an accessible way to customize the entire zoo.

Game Features:

• Cross-breed over 70 amazing Hybrids!
• 13 habitats with over 180 real world animals
• 26 Food and Shop buildings
• Over 100 beautiful decorations and attractions
• Complete Zookeeper goals to earn great rewards

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