CronoGol is the perfect game if you want to have fun with friends, challenge them for a match, and prove your skill stopping the clock in hundredths 00 and scoring goals in a match to 6 turns.

Each player has an unlimited number of attempts per turn, but be careful because the time is over in exactly 15 seconds. Each time you stop the stopwatch you can meet the following plays,

* 00 : Try to stop the chronometer in the hundredths 00 to score a GOAL to your opponent!
* 99-01 : If you stop the chronometer in an even hundreth in your next turn, you will score a GOAL!
* 98-02 : Score a kick goal by stopping the clock twice in hundredths between 98 and 02
* 20-47 o 53-80 : Be careful, if you stop between 20 and 47 or 53 and 80 hundredths you will score an own goal
* 48-52 : Prevents own goal and subtract two seconds to turn your time!

Full integration with Facebook allows you to easily find known rivals that challenge, and if you still want to challenge anyone on the planet test Quickplay mode.

Wake up your nostalgic feelings playing the same game that you spent hours and hours in the school yard with your Casio watch, enjoy this adaptation and become the King of CronoGol!

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