Crochet Creatures Scramble HD

Get crocheting! You can now be crafty with no experience necessary. Create beautiful crochet scenes, each with interactive animations and sound effects! Meet friendly characters as you crochet your way through the different levels.

A unique game ideal for preschool kids but fun for all ages, entirely handmade creatures and objects within the game create a fascinating and colourful display.

Experience the world of crochet creatures!


* Unique handmade crochet art style with Full iPad 3 Retina support.

* Beautiful animation and interactive features to find on every page.

* Scramble the wool, crochet the patterns and discover the handmade crochet scenes beneath.

* Be crafty with no experience necessary :)

* Touch, tilt, shake and move to find all the different interactive objects!

* More scenes to be added in updates!

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