Crime Files 2: The Cursed Hotel

The mystery continues as you set out to uncover a brand new case!

In this investigation game, you play as an experienced police inspector and a young journalist. Near bankruptcy, the hotel is facing a series of odd events including several burglaries. Who is guilty? What secret lies beneath the hotel? Collect clues and interrogate the residents to make them reveal what they know. Using powers of deduction make them confess by cleverly turning their words against themselves.

All is not as it seems at Hotel Prestige… It’s up to you to find out who is guilty!


• TWO PART SERIES AVAILABLE – Play and complete both episodes
• COLLECT CLUES AND INTERVIEW SUSPECTS on your quest to reveal the truth
• USE CROSS EXAMINATION TECHNIQUES to interrogate suspects
• 5 DIFFERENT CHAPTERS to explore as you try to solve the mystery of this ill-fated hotel!
• HOURS OF INVESTIGATION FUN with this exciting crime adventure

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