Cricket Words

Play this new cut-throat word building game alone or against your friends. Tired of people cheating at Words with Friends or Scrabble? Cricket Words is the answer.
Cricket Words is an ingenious mix between the dart game “cricket” and your favorite word games like Boggle. Easy to play; impossible to quit.
Make words, cross off marks, pile on points.

Multi Player Features
* Fast-paced gameplay – enter 3 words before time expires
* Play against up to 3 of your friends or we’ll automatically match you with other players
* Doubles and triples allow you to mount the ultimate comeback or crush your opponent
* Cut-throat! Put points ON your opponents to finish with the lowest score
* Varying difficulties so everyone from kids to geniuses can play
* Leaderboards and achievements through Game Center
* No cheaters – the clock keeps ticking even in the background
* Casual – play a round when you can with turn-based gaming

One Player Features
* Score as many points as you can in 2 minutes
* Build words, make marks, then start scoring points (clear a word length by making 3 marks)
* Make a word chain (6 straight valid words) to enable a multiplier bonus
* Clear word lengths to increase your point bonus
* Add time to the clock by combining a valid word chain with doubles and triples
* Use doubles and triples to score big points
* Get a 100 point bonus for clearing all marks
* Climb the leaderboard and beat your friends’ high scores

* You need iOS 5 to play multi player games
* Cricket Words requires a Game Center account

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