Creepy Crawlies Lite

Free Version For iPhone4/iPhone4S/iPad2/and iPod Touch 4th Gen (it has a camera) ONLY

Welcome to the world of Creepy Crawlies!

In this **Augmented Reality** world, you’ll be battling creatures that have had their DNA altered due to a nearby nuclear explosion. These insects and crawlies are on a mission: to get their revenge on all humans.

Defend yourself! Be on the lookout for the following in free version:






-Tarantula Spiders


-Poisonous Dart Frogs

-Hissing Cockroaches

Get out your spray, it’s extermination time!

**Word to the wise: Keep your eye on the radar; you are surrounded 360 degrees. If you see purple or blue, look up!

Video Trailer:

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