Creativium — Paper Theater HD

This interactive toy theater for storytelling is suitable for kids from age 2 and above. Tell your children a story in Creativium or ask them to come up with their own fairytale.

No rules, no instructions, no directions — kids decide what their story will be about. There are 35 characters in the Magic Castle who help children engage their imagination. The Princess, the Knight, the Dragon, the Pink Pony and the Pirate can appear in one tale.

The app is simple and intuitive, so the youngest children can easily use it as well.

— “This uniquely creative and cheerfully illustrated app encourages children to use their imagination as they create a multitude of magical scenes in a virtual paper theater. If you have a curious and creative little one at home, this is one app you don’t want to miss.” //

The whole scene is interactive. Animals, trees, rainbow, clouds and sun will respond to your touch. Decorate the trees and shake your iPad! And don’t forget to take a snapshot of your creations!

The toy doesn’t contain any words to read or to listen, so children all over the world can use it.

— “Creativium is a wonderful app with a relaxing gameplay, engaging visuals and great interactivity. Juniors with a creative flair will enjoy moving and interacting with objects to make their ideal pictures. On the other hand, parents will delight in listening to their juniors weave fantastic stories about their creations.” //

So, the main features are:

— uniquely and beautifully crafted paper sets
— 35 characters for the story in the Magic Castle
— 10 cute animals, each with their own colorful personality
— 40 animations for the game featuring animals
— cute, sweet, adorable and everything :)
— simple kid-friendly interface
— pictures are saved in the iPad’s gallery
— no stress, young kids make up their own rules
— no ads, no in-app-purchasing
— language-independent

We care about young kids’ well-being and take their privacy seriously. Our application does not contain ads and does not include in-app purchases.

If you experience any trouble with the App or have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact Julia any time: She´d love to help you out.

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