Two player game with some crazy questions that will reveal opponents true personality. (with added twist of Tap off)

****Free for limited time

– Get to Know friends
– Discover crazy details about people
– Learn more about yourself
– Great Ice Breaker
– Laugh and Let Loose
– Bizarre Hypotheticals and What-If Questions!

Get to know your opponent through asking them these absolutely off-the-wall questions! Surprisingly, as crazy as they may seem, you will really get to know the person very well.

Two players battle it away in the tap-off round, which will determine who will get asked a bizzare question.

Bring the fun back into slumber parties, birthday parties, girls night outs—you name it. Great Ice-Breaker! Quick and fun way to get to know each other. It’ll have you laughing and wondering where on earth the questions came from! This action-packed, entertaining game is absolutely addicting!

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