The pipe system on the base of ACE Tankers has broken, after that the water gushing everywhere and all the things turned into mess. The condition is in emergency that those tankers don’t know how to figure it out. So it is up to you to rearrange the tracks and restore the water flow in case the base flooded by the water.



Move and rotate the pipe to connect them, yet the game can get more and more challenging as the levels advanced. If you are a puzzle game’s fan and bored of the old style, Crazy Pipe would be a good try that will give you fun and challenge as well. In fact, we hope it can spice your life up in a casual way. So please let the ACE Tankers cheer for you. Come on!!!

Goal of this game:
The goal in the game is to connect the pipes from start to end to allow the water to flow through.

* A simple, casual, typical entertaining puzzle game
*Amazing graphics that support Retina display
* 28 challenging stages now, and 70 in later full version
*Gets Adventure mode, Time mode available in later version
*You will be challenged in later full version
* Test your brain in this amazing puzzle game
* A must have game for puzzle fan





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