CrazyMos Free


“What an annoying mosquito!” murmured Grandpa, with a big open mouth.

Mos flew straight into Grandpa’s mouth. “Haha…, time to explore!!”

“Oops…” Mos rushed into Grandpa’s body!


“NO any other objectives, JUST fly as far as you can!”

You are Mos, an invincible mosquito flying into Grandpa’s body. Your goal is to fly as far as you can through the intestines and  carefully avoid any crash on enzymes and microorganisms. The longer you play, the thinner the intestine is, the faster you fly.

To control our CrazyMos, press the screen to make Mos fly up between intestine wall and release the screen to fly down. Watch out for various slopes inside the intestine. 

Compete against players worldwide and submit your score to see if you can grab one of the coveted Top Players spot!

Dare to play this challenging game? Be our CrazyMos!

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