It is the hottest August ever. Bunny the gardener is so depressed by the terrible weather that…he finally goes crazy! The so called “Crazy Bunny” begins to shoot everything visible in the garden every day. While destroying the innocent fruits and vegetables, he also kills beasts. Your task here is to help the Crazy Bunny to kill the beasts in each level. Use three tools to complete the game.

1. More levels, more challenge: Over 150 levels, definitely worth the money.
2. Various tools, easy to operate: 3 tools to choose, where there’re chances to get them for free. Just use your fingers to play. Best choice for leisure time.
3. Tap to eliminate: Elimination range is no more limited in the next two objects. You can jump to remove. How fast can your eyes react? Have a try!
4. Cool music adds fun: Awesome music available to maximize your pleasure.

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