Crazy Test - Simple, Addictive, Fun!

Crazy Test - Simple, Addictive, Fun! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Crazy Test Review

Running over bunnies with a lawnmower, pulling the head off a rubber chicken, and flicking kids off of playground equipment are not your typical videogame maneuvers. Crazy Test is a weird, charming collage of split-second gross-out humor and cartoon violence, but it’s over before you know it and has almost no replay value.

Like a similar iPhone game, A.D.D., Crazy Test is made up of a series of brief “microgames” which have to be completed in just a few seconds each. You’ll tilt the phone, shake it, or tap and swipe the screen to complete random objectives. That is, they only seem random the first time through.

We hate Mondays.

The second time you play through these microgames in the main mode, they’ll all appear in the exact same order, crushing any chance of keeping you alert or surprised. OpenFeint high scores are the only reason to play through this mode again once you’ve completed it.

Crazy Test also has a survival mode with randomized microgames, but OpenFeint scores are inexplicably missing. We think both modes should be randomized, and both should contain OpenFeint leaderboards.

Think happy thoughts!

Plus, while you can choose individual microgames to replay, we see no point in this feature. If the entire goal of a microgame is to tilt the phone to the right, knocking a puppy off a cliff, why would you need to do this more than once? At least it makes Crazy Test a fairly funny game to show off to your friends.

The sense of humor in Crazy Test is its strongest asset, but the gameplay structure is disappointing. We’re hoping for an update that includes more randomized minigames with OpenFeint scores in all gameplay modes. Until then, all we can give this game is a tepid recommendation. With a few changes, we’d be right back to mowing bunnies.