Crazy Teapots

Crazy Teapots is an entertaining 3D Deathmatch Game where players are teapots and missiles are fruits. You’ve never seen such a thrilling shooting game before. Play against computer-controlled players (bots) or your friends on one of the provided game maps and enjoy the fun! :)

- Universal application for iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad devices.
- Game interface translated to all languages currently supported by iOS devices.
- Native support for Retina display.
- Network game play with friends via Bluetooth, over Wi-Fi or Online.
- Voice chat option in network games.
- Several maps to play on, each with their own design.
- Three bots intelligence levels.
- Up to 8 players in one game.
- Adjustable game parameters (incl. an option to choose your player’s color).
- TV out support.
- Three virtual camera modes: first-person perspective and two third-person tracking perspectives (behind and above).
- Three kinds of missiles, each with their own features.
- Health and shield packs.
- Physically realistic motion.
- Intuitive game controls (joysticks).
- Players appearances reflect their health state in the game.
- Fun! :)

Users who buy a special add-on pack (via In-App purchases) will also gain access to premium game features.

- No banner advertising.

Just install it and have endless fun! :)

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