Crazy Shoot

Available Free now… Enjoy!!!

Do you go crazy while you find free time? Now you can make minutes more addictive. You will wait for those minutes to play.

“A perfect game to play with your loved one”

A challenging & creative game Crazy Shoot entertains as you simply aim & shoot with sling at hearts & score more.
Power your crazy shoot experience with fireballs & gift hearts. Power packed in Easy, Hard & multiplayer modes. Hey.. wait & be alert, try not aiming at Birds & devil they test how alert are you.

Challenge your buddy in multi player mode and tease with funny smiley.

Single and two player options with intituive GUI
Interactive Physics
Multiplayer mode
Funfull animates characters and sounds
Send tease, smile etc guesture options each other
Designed to suite all age group
Convenient modes to suit your confort level
Game center enabled

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