Crazy Shake: " A free app to scare your friends"

“Shake Shake! From the creators of Animals Shake comes another fun application free laughable!
You are a playful? Do you love being in the company? Then this is the app for you! Are you curious? Click on “more …” to learn more, and see all its features.

Crazy Shake is the perfect application to stage a hilarious skit with your friends.

A wide range of sounds, noises and verses to choose from: select the sound perfect for the occasion and leave your smartphone at hand.
The first that will take you in hand will activate the chosen sound, accompanied by a funny picture.

The fear, surprise, the game would have already been done.

But Crazy Shake is much more: because the scene has been completely recorded on your iphone and you can post it in live on Facebook to continue to laugh with your mates.

What are you waiting for? Download Crazy Shake: It’s free!

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