Crazy Invaders

Crazy Invaders is an action-packed tower defense game. Your goal is to protect Earth from the Crazy alien invaders. You’ll defend Earth in 80 action-packed levels. You’ll face up to 12 different invaders through out the 80 different levels. You’ll use a combination of your main gun, blasters, rockets, and mines to destroy the invaders. Every invader you destroy increases your score and earns you more money to purchase more weapons that will keep the alien invaders at bay.

Crazy Invaders integrates with game center with a high score leader board and 80 achievements. Your awarded one achievement for each level you beat.

★★About the Levels★★
The levels start of easy with only one alien invader type that you face, the Light Green alien which is the weakest of the bunch. You’ll face of 10 of these invaders. As you beat the first level, the wave of aliens get faster. At level 5, a new alien type is introduced. This pattern continues for each of the level types. New aliens will appears and the waves will get faster. You’ll be required to conserve your resources so that you can maximize your high score. For each level after the first, you’ll receive a level bonus. This is extra money that you’ll be able to spend on weapons. But remember, make sure you conserve your resources. The game gets difficult quickly and if you want the highest possible score you’ll want to complete the levels without dying!

★★About Your Weapons★★
Your main gun is always available. All you do is tap the screen and it will fire. Each blast from your main gun deals 20 points of damage.

Blasters come in four different colors – purple, red, green, and blue. Each blaster stays on screen for 10 seconds. The purple is the weakest. The blue the strongest. These come in handy for dealing quick damages to alien invaders as the advanced.

Rockets also come in four different colors, purple, red, green, and blue. Each rockets stay on screen for 10 seconds and deal a massive amount of damage to each invading alien. They cost more but the massive amount of damage they deliver is required for your higher levels.

And finally, you have your Mines. Mines come in four different colors – purple, red, green, and blue. Each mine stays on screen indefinitely until an advancing alien touches it. A mine is a one use item. These items are very effective on your stronger alien types.

★★Shameless Plug★★
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