Crazy Frog Jump

Crazy Frog Jump not a Ordinary Frog Game… Unique, Entertaining and Challenging as well…
It twists your brain muscles and make you additive towards it..

A classic brain teasing puzzle, will make your mind leap with the frogs while
you try to switch them from one side of the pond to the other.

It isn’t as simple as it sounds to be because placing them on their right place is going to be extremely tricky….But, you are surely going to have lots of fun as it tickles your mind and challenges you to rack your brains.

The Cute Frogs will be your friends forever…. So tie your shoe-lace and pack your bags, A new Adventure ride is there for you… Unlimited adventurous levels & all have unique technique to clear them.

What sets the game apart is its engaging game-play with simple controls and you just need
to use your smartness to get it through.

What are you waiting for, it is FREE for a limited period grab it on your Apple devices now..!!

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