Crazy Farm

Crazy Farm is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Crazy Farm

Crazy Farm is aptly titled. Spending more than 15 minutes ‘˜round these parts will drive anyone insane.

Your job, should you choose to accept it (but please don’t), is to drag pigs into the pig pen and sheep into the sheep pen. That’s it– there’s nothing else to do. The animals will supposedly ‘get mad’ if you put them in the wrong pen, but we like to think that when they flip upside-down with crossed eyes it means they died.

Pity, he would have made a great sweater.

You’ll wish you died too, after listening to the endlessly looping soundtrack. The game’s levels are all basically the same, even if it sometimes introduces obstacles like smelly poop and banana peels. Little fires also tend to pop up, but unfortunately they don’t burn the whole farm down.

Marathon mode skips you straight to level 99, and this must be what the game is named after. This mode never ends, ever. You can burn and misplace as many animals as you like, or you can correctly guide as many as you like into pens. The score will adjust accordingly, but nothing else happens.

Luckily, Crazy Farm doesn’t have online leaderboards. It’d simply be too depressing to imagine what the high score “winners” had become after their extended stay on the Crazy Farm. Don’t become one of these people.

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