Crazy Cow.

#귀여운 소를 손가락만으로 쉽게 조작하여 1등급 소가 되게 해주세요!

1등급 소가 되고 싶은 귀여운 소들의 좌충우돌 아케이드!
큰 소를 피해 작은 소들과 몸을 부딪혀 몸집을 키우는 특이한 소재로 화제집중!
해 본 사람이 더 잘 안다는 초강력 중독성!
이제 안드로이드에서도 페이스북에 내 기록을 등록하고, 주소록에 있는 친구들과 경쟁해보세요!

☆ 쉽지만 재밌는 조작! 손가락으로 소를 끌어 리드!
☆ 끝없는 중독성! 소, 돼지, 닭, 강아지, 좀비소 등 총 7개의 색다른 게임 모드 지원!
☆ 은근한 경쟁심! 친구랭킹, 페이스북 연동으로 은근한 경쟁심 유발!


The Best Arcade Game that will blow 2011, the CRAZY COW!
On sale NOW on the Apple App Store!

The CRAZY COW that drew attention with shocking game contents
An endless challenge has started on App store to be the SUPER-COW.
Enjoy the Best Arcade Game easier and funnier with the tilt control by G-sensor.
Once you start this lively game, you will never put this down.

I love this little cute characters. It’s so addictive. No time to get bored.
It’s finally on iPhone. It’s got even more convenient with tilt control
It’s easy to handle and very addictive. Watching my animals getting bigger makes me so happy.


Easy and addictive gameplay
Never-ending challenges to be the SUPER-COW! Make your character bigger by dodging big cows and bumping into small ones.
Feel the thrill of more dynamic crashes with the tilt control using the G-sensor.

Distinctive 7 animal characters and various game modes.
7 animal characters including cows, pigs, chickens, dogs, and zombie cows.
Various game modes for each animal – Easy, normal, hard, time attack, slow, hardcore.

Numerous exciting features that will enchant you
Cute and lovely but somewhat bizarre cries of animals. SOUND ON recommended
28 award events and costumes for limitless fun!

Integration with Facebook and Tweeter. Boast your ranking.
Register your awards and today’s record on Facebook at once
Endless challenge for a new record. Enjoy with your friends and compete with them.



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