Crazy Caves HD

Warning: Extremely challenging game

The junglees are here again!!!

The native forest is under attack by the deadly junglees. The masterminds are planning to rule the entire jungle kingdom by killing all the natives.

Take on the role of the caveman to eliminate the evil forces. It is up to you to defeat the evil minds and save the jungle from their menace. Make way through 30 levels of mayhem and carnage, plan your attack as killing the junglees is not an easy task. Bring down the invading monsters using your wit. Do your best to save the jungle and survive the apocalypse.

The Fanatical Features:

->Juggle through 30 Tricky Levels
->3 kinds of enemies to eradicate
->10 fireballs in each level
->No Time Limit
->Pleasing graphics and sound

Crazy Caves is a game that can certainly have unlimited game value.

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