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A Fast Food restaurant has just exploded, and their entire delicious stock of hamburgers is falling from the sky. It’s your job to make Fatty eat those delicious falling sandwiches and become the master of sky fast food. Watch out for any healthy foods that will make you lose weight. And let no burger be left outside of Fatty’s stomach!

Eat as many Hamburgers as you can in this COOL, FUN and EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE game!

Crazy Burger is simply amazing and delicious. Have fun eating Fast Food from the skies until you can eat no more!

After you complete each level, you can see how much weight you`ve made Fatty gain!

If you like your good greasy fast food, then you will LOVE this game!!!

Play Crazy Burger Free Game!!!!

✓ Addictive Gameplay
✓ The best hamburger game on the App Store!
✓ Facebook, Twitter & E-mail if you want
✓ 12 super levels
✓ Check out your statistics after ending each level
✓ Watch out for healthy food or you will lose!
✓ Retina Display
✓ Highly entertaining free game for boys, girls, kids, men, women, babies and even grandpas and grandmas!
✓ Fun for all ages
✓ And so much more that you can only find out playing!

Have fun!

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