Crazy 3D Zumama Special

Crazy 3D Zumama Special is coming! ヽ(ˋ▽ˊ)ノ

Extra amazing props here!

Compared with other game, Crazy 3D Zuma has a few advantages to come to the fore: choosing ancient India, one of four great civilizations as background and combined with the Indian ethnic percussion. Our frog hero sits in the center, spits seven colors beads to the bead column in the orbit. Beads (contains the spat one) shares the same color more than three will be clear up to score.
It seems the game mode has a lot of fun.

★★★★There are some reasons that you can’t get away from Crazy 3D Zuma: ★★★

★Graphic ∩▂∩
Full 3D Game, choose ancient India as background, the style is simple, Objects texture is prominent. What is worth mentioning is that the colors of the beads are very brilliant, with the strong collision effect, will truly impress you.

★Sound (^_^)
The other highlight of the game is the sound. In Crazy 3D Zuma, sound designer use the Indian ethnic percussion to create a strong beat, perfectly matches the bass and the synthesizer. The sound is simple but not coarse. Very fit the theme of the game. And the gaming experience is improved.

★Get Started *^ο^*
To play this game, you only need to use mouse, the operation is very simple and easy to get started. The more level you through, the harder this game will become. Any Player who has never played Zuma can also easily get started with the “help document”.

★Creative \(0^◇^0)/
Zuma has a unique idea. The gamplay shares the same effect with Tetris: Strong sense of rhythm, operation simple but fondle admiringly. And the collision system lets Crazy 3D Zuma a real experience.

★Gameplay ∩ ∩
The game is easy to get started, fit all ages. Variety of level meet the player’s curiosity, and the score and ranking system allows player to face more challenge. Anyway, if you never played Zuma, Crazy 3D Zuma will be your rest time first choice; if you already played a Zuma game and fascinated with it, Crazy 3D Zuma will always be your Preferred!

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