Crayola Silly Face Swaps

Taking pictures with your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad is fun. But now you can get silly with your snapshots with Crayola Silly Face Swaps HD

Take a picture of yourself (or choose one you’ve already taken) and put it on one of the Silly Face Swap bodies. And suddenly …

Hey! That’s YOU on the coloring page!

• Coloring pages that you can be a part of! Two for free, and an entire color book available via in-app purchase!

• Get creative and silly! How about adding your dog’s face? Or your brother’s?

• Color in your artwork on your Multi-Touch display using the Color Fan: Your digital coloring box comes free with 10 Crayola Markers. 64 Crayons and 24 Colored Pencils available for in-app purchase!

• Save your artwork so you can print, email or share on Facebook.

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