Crashsite Defense

Welcome to ‘Crashsite Defense’, a hilariously fresh and funny take on the turret defense genre*), designed specifically for iOS. Meet our paranoid captain, his attractive yet helpless aide and our arch-enemies, cute robots which actually don’t want to do anything else but help.

*** Top 20 Strategy game (02/2012) ***
*** App of the Week at Ansca Corona ***

Choose from a wide range of highly upgradeable towers and specialize each of them in a total of fifteen different directions to defend your crashed starship – or invest your hard-earned resources into a wide selection of special attacks which become crucial during all-out attacks.
Just remember: Never let those nice robots get close enough! You know what needs to be done!

Get the initial set of nine fun-filled levels now – and unlock many more for hours and hours of fun!
Stunning graphics with realistic explosions, fast-paced action, a top-notch original battlefield score, a lovely android, homing missiles, RPG elements which allow you to play the game exactly the way YOU like, a storyline which lets you burst in tears of laughter, and all of that for free – what more do you want?

*) Trademarks are fun, aren’t they?

# addictive gameplay – easy to grasp, hard to master
# highly advanced visuals, specifically designed for the iPad
# an original score by renowned artists
# an extensive, absurdly humorous storyline with highly original characters
# more than twenty huge, fun-packed levels
# five types of towers, upgradeable via fifteen different paths – ranging from homing missiles to tesla leech
# seven powerful, visually stunning special attacks
# over twenty different enemy units, including boss ‘monsters’
# play it the way you like – whether you prefer to have one incredibly strong, customized defense tower, tons of weaker structures or want to wreak havoc with your special attacks is up to you!
# RPG-like high value of replayability for hours and hours of fun – take a completely different approach every time you play!

Of course, you can always come visit us at – or at

Or check out those fantastic, accurate*) reviews:
# Pharaoh Ramses II. “Too much stuff going on. I don’t get it – why do you have to go up into space? Pyramids not enough for you, eh?”
# Queen Elizabeth I. “What is an app? And what are you doing in my throne room? Guards!”
# Orville and Wilbur Wright. “Why does everything always have to crash-land? Can’t you guys follow our heroic example at least once?”
# Genghis Khan. “Taking what’s rightfully not yours? Well, that’s something I can approve of! Because then I can take it away from you, you cowardly thief!”
# Giacomo Casanova. “Attractive indeed…”
# Nero. “Couldn’t you just have let your ship burn?”
# Hérnan Cortéz. “Natives? They surely must have gold! Please! Bring me their precccccious shiny gold!”
# Sir Isaac Newton. “BEST. SPACE CRASHSITE TD GAME. EVER. And I must know, I invented gravity!”

*) Disclaimer: These reviews might not be quite as accurate as indicated.

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