Crash Hearts

***SPECIAL Valentine’s Day GAME!***
***SPECIAL Valentine’s Day PRICE!!***

How many hearts you can stir up AT ONE CLICK?! Show us, that you’re the real heartbreaker! Crash HEARTS – the special edition in a series of popular games Crash Balls – can be your right NOW! It’ll let you collect as many hearts as you want… if you can!

Main purpose of the game is to collect hearts on the chess-like game field and to earn as many  points as possible for it. Tap groups of one-colored hearts on the game field, collect them and get points. The more hearts are in the group, the more points you earn. There are 3 different game modes, which can be combined with each other (overall 12 combinations!).

Try it just now!


• Awesome (pink!) graphics and animation effects
• NEW background music!
• Three modes of playing, which can be combined with each other
• Choice of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 colors
• Choice of 3 game themes
• Two board sizes – 7×10 and 8×11
• Undo option
• On-screen tips option
• Slow (with double tap destroying) or fast (with single tap destroying) game experience
• Preview of selected groups’s points (option)
• 200 bonus points for clearing the board
• Table of high scores of all game’s modes
• Chess-like game board and specially selected colors helps to distinguish the balls
And more, and more, and more…


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