Universal Rating: 12+

CraftedBattle is a game from C-Apps, originally released 28th December, 2012


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CraftedBattle Review

In case you may have missed it, there’s this little game called Minecraft floating around out there that people seem to like. As with all things popular, look-alikes were soon to follow. We’ve already seen a few Minecraft clones that work pretty well, while others are clearly just cashing in on the style. CraftedBattle isn’t exactly a clone, since it brings something new to the table. It’s actually a mashup of Minecraft-style world building and some first-person shooter action.

CraftedBattle tries to offer the best of two worlds. It features FPS-style action against a large number of AI enemies, while also having an emphasis on building the arenas in which you do battle. For gamers looking for a quick fix, CraftedBattle offers Quick and Custom Game modes, where you can jump into a fight and begin the slaughter right away.

CraftedBattle doesn’t offer much in the way of options. If some FPS games go overboard on customizing your weapon loadouts, CraftedBattle does the opposite. Before you start a game, you get a choice of three weapons. You can choose the assault rifle, the machine gun, or the sniper rifle. Whatever weapon you choose will be your weapon throughout the entire round. There is no switching, except for a knife you also carry.

Even the controls are simple. Swiping in the middle of the screen moves your aim, while you have a jump and a shoot button in the bottom right corner. Tapping on your weapon switches to your knife. Your gun automatically reloads after emptying the clip, and the game offers no manual reload option.

The world-building aspect of this game is equally simple, though simplicity isn’t always the best way to go. You can start fresh and create a world from the ground up, selecting the types of blocks you want to place. This is all done from the same first-person perspective, which means you can only place blocks directly in front of you.

This becomes a problem when you start building large arenas, as you will need to walk to the exact spot you need to build on. We would have appreciated an aerial view of the arena for quicker building. It becomes especially difficult when trying to build larger structures that easily become taller than you.

You also have limited materials to build from. You can only place individual blocks, no trees or bushes to add some scenery. Though you can change the block from dirt to grass to stone, this still doesn’t give you much variety.

CraftedBattle has a good concept at its core, but a successful mash-up needs to have quality in both genres it’s representing. As an FPS, CraftedBattle offers limited weapons and win scenarios. There is no online or local multiplayer, and the bots will often walk into walls. As a world-builder, it’s equally lackluster. The controls for building are easy to master, but you have very limited materials to build with. On top of all of it, the game crashes frequently. CraftedBattle relies on the popularity of Minecraft and its many clones, but in the end we just wanted to play Minecraft instead.