Cracking The Code

Are you good enough to crack the code?

Based on a classic game, Cracking The Code pits the player against a computer opponent. The computer sets a sequence of different coloured pegs and you must try to guess the sequence before you run out of attempts.

If you are a fan of Mastermind and Bulls and Cows then this is the game for you!


How To Play

- A randomly generated code is created by the computer upon starting a new game.
- Players have 10 attempts to try and crack the code.
- Tapping on the coloured pegs cycles through the different colours.
- The positions of the result pegs are not related to the positions of the coloured pegs they represent.
- A red result peg means one of the pegs is the correct colour and in the correct position.
- A white result peg means that one of the coloured pegs is the correct colour but in the incorrect position.
- The game is won when the correct code has been guessed and lost when the player has run out of guesses.